Increase traffic between 10th and 24th February in Bucuresti Mall
Increase time spent in Bucuresti Mall through free activities at the event.

The Project:
We created “Love corner” a space where couples where photographed together and received a branded photo frame with Bucuresti Mall.
We helped lovers to make presents to one another after shopping session, by offering flowers to men and a bottle of perfume to women, in order to offer them to their loved ones.
We entertained them with dancing lesson, live music, live acts and workshops.
The most fashionable couple voted on Facebook won a professional photo shooting and the opportunity to become the image of “Valentine’s Day in Bucuresti Mall”.

Approx. 3,000 persons daily shared their love on Valentine’s Day at Bucuresti Mall.
Extremly positive reactions from lovers that enjoyed their Valentine’s Day with photo session, dancing lesson and gifts from their loved ones.